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Een Theater voor Malpertuus park !

Posted on September 3, 2015 at 2:20 PM


A contemporary storytelling theme park cannot exist anymore, without a grand theatre set up, sooner or later ! We drive a completely new concept for spectacle musical theater :

CLOSELINESS :  All spectators close to the action, no-one will be further away from stage then 10 seating rows. Most theaters of a similar audience size, go up to 35 rows depth, which means that most spectators cannot see any detail anymore. We bring the grandest, in the closest view !


A spectacular STREET PERFORMANCE FEELING  inside a real theater house :  seatings are at boths sides of a streetlike center stage, not less then 45 meters long on some 10 meters wide. Actors can share the stage with animals, vehicles, or just anything that can move !


EXTRAORDINARY ON STAGE TECH :  sets drive in on AGV- platform tech, actors or props can also swing in or cable lift down from above, and floor lifts can add to the unexpected magic.  More : on stage Pepper's ghost effects become possible, and yes, two sided 


The THEATRE CAN "VANISH" ! ... :  behind both seating areas, gigantic two times 45 x 5 meters curved panoramic projection screens, introduce the first ever augmented reality concept in the theater world. One can be instantly in a middle ages city, in the middle of the woods, or flying in the clouds. The experience becomes total 


Regular short program daytime  THEME PARK SHOWS  and  FULL EVENING SPECTACLE MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS.  Up to 8 shows per day are technically possible, with a "zero time" set rebuild, because everything is instantly driven from backstage.


FOYER, themed to a grand trading city hall in romanesque and gothic style, where events & meetings can be concluded in fantasy ! 


The right investors can help realise this, and everything else in the theme park project !


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